We are your safety management solution providers. We understand that developing and implementing a safety program can be difficult to do. Let our simple and automated software and professional marketplace do the work for you so your people work safe and legal standards are met. Let us help you with a compliant safety program for you and your people. The simple way.

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Small and medium-sized organizations

Developing and managing a safety program with any organization can be time-consuming and costly … but a necessary … process.

Many small and medium-sized organizations struggle to find the time and budget to bring safety management to the top of the priority list.

No matter where you work, Canada, the USA, AUS, or the UK organizations are under even more pressure to implement safety programs to meet compliance standards. It might not be affordable or not make sense for these organizations of one to 100 employees to hire an in-house professional to develop and manage a compliant safety program.

Enter Goal Zero

We have a marketplace of professionals to help you when you need them.


Our solutions

This is for companies not participating in the PIR program (not COR or SECOR certified)

This is for companies participating in the PIR program that have less then 10 employees.

This is for companies participating in the PIR program and have more then 10 employees

This is for companies with any number of employees, looking for more of a customized service


Hazard Assessments

Why do we assess hazards? Working with different industries the understanding of hazard assessments range from industry to industry. Heavy industrial companies are usually well versed in the application of hazard assessment, whereas residential or light commercial industries may have heard of the process but do not work on [...]

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