When you sign up with Goal Zero, you get access to an online system developed by safety management experts that thoroughly understand what safety standards are required to be met in your marketplace. Essentially you are bringing senior virtual safety management leaders into your organization, without the expense of hiring them. The majority of your safety management solution will be online with access to in-person safety management guidance based on the plan you choose.

Walk into our simple and automated software in as little as 15 minutes.


Full client management: onboarding through whole life cycle, all in one system

Access to professional consultants when you need them through our a la Carte Safety, HR & Administrative marketplace.

From audits, training, or Incident Investigations we offer a full suite of On-site services. We can even find and place qualified contractors on-site.

Software Features

  • Employee Compliance Tracking – Set the parameters based on the company positions and track completion.

  • Certificate Tracking – Set up you training matrix and let the system automate reminders.

  • Online Learning Management  – Access our online training, or add your own!

  • Competency Assessments – Use our templates to customize competencies for your workforce.

  • Safety Data Sheets – Load your database and ensure your workers have access to them when they need them.

  • Company Forms – Old School paper is still ok with us. Or use our form builder and use online forms for your company.

  • Incident Management – Track trends and implement corrective actions

  • Preventative Maintenance – Track Assets, Maintenance schedules, and automate notifications.

  • Professional Marketplace – Access business professionals and get help when you need it.

  • Access from anywhere – Any time, any place, anywhere! We are here 24/7



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