Acclimatization to heat and cold People can adapt to hotter temperatures through a process called “acclimatization.” At the workplace, acclimatization is important because it allows you to work more safely and efficiently. However, becoming acclimatized takes time. In cold conditions, the body can also adapt. There is some research that suggests that the body does not adapt as well to cold as it does to hot conditions. How the body adapts to cold is not as clearly understood. Heat When working in hot conditions, people need at least 4 to 7 working days to become fully acclimatized, but the process may take up to three weeks. Scheduled exposure is recommended. For example, doing physical work for less than a full working day on the first hot day and slowly increasing the time spent working over the next week. Each person must be monitored to ensure that he or she is adapting to working in the heat. It is Important to remember in any temperature… Each person is different. People who are in good health and physically fit tend to adjust faster and more easily. However, some individuals may not be able to fully acclimatize regardless of their health or physical condition. Always monitor yourself and your co-workers. People who are used to working in extreme temperatures can have an underlying condition (such as coming down with the flu or cold) that changes how their body reacts to the temperature.

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