Indirect costs....what they can do to your company. examples of indirect or uninsured costs can consist of: Lost production time. Productive time lost by an injured employee. Productive time lost by employees and supervisors helping the accident victim. Cleanup and startup of operations interrupted by an accident. Time to hire or train a worker to replace the injured worker until they return to work. Property damage. Time and cost for repair or replacement of damaged equipment, materials or other property. Cost of continuing all or part of the employee's wages, plus compensation. Reduced morale among your employees, and perhaps lower efficiency. Indirect costs are all the "uninsured" additional costs associated with an accident. What is important to realize is that indirect costs are usually much greater than direct costs: From 2-10 times as expensive. Another important point is that, unlike direct costs, indirect costs are uninsured...they come right out of the corporate pocketbook. These are the costs that can drive a company into the red

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