What are the sings of a negative Safety culture The safety culture of an organization can be a critical influence on human performance in safety-related tasks and the safety performance of the organization. Let us look at some signs of a poor safety culture
  • "Profit before safety", where productivity always came before safety, as safety was viewed as a cost, not an investment.
  • "Fear", so that problems remained hidden as they are driven underground by those trying to avoid sanctions or reprimands.
  • "Ineffective leadership, where blinkered leadership and the prevailing corporate culture prevented the recognition of risks and opportunities leading to wrong safety decisions being made at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.
  • "Non-compliance" to standards, rules, and procedures by managers and the workforce.
  • "Miscommunication", where critical safety information had not been relayed to decision-makers and/ or the message had been diluted.
  • "Competency failures", where there were false expectations that direct hires and contractors were highly trained and competent.
  • "Ignoring lessons learned", where safety critical information was not extracted, shared or enforced.
Have a look at your company and do a self-assessment? Do you have the signs of a negative culture?

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