Inspection Program An inspection program should clearly outline what needs to be inspected, who will be involved, how often the inspections should be performed, and who is responsible for corrective actions and follow-up. The results of the inspection program will provide information on whether the hazard assessment requires review, preventative maintenance programs are effective, and employer training programs are adequate. When developing an inspection program consider the following:
  • Specifically, identify what needs to be inspected. The results of the formal hazard assessment and hazard control process can be used to determine what equipment and work sites will need to be inspected. Also, check the OHS legislation to determine if there are specific inspection requirements relevant to the nature of your work
  • Include a regular frequency for inspections inside the Inspection Policy. The frequency will be determined by the nature of the employer’s business, but it is recommended that work sites be inspected at least once a month.
  • Determine who will be assigned the responsibility to conduct inspections. This will vary depending on what is being inspected. In general, worksite inspection tours will be performed by a team. Inspections of specific pieces of equipment can be done by an individual, competent worker. If there is a health and safety committee at the site, they should be involved in the inspection process.

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