Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Eye protection   Protecting the eyes and face from hazards is extremely important considering all of the organs and soft tissue in the area. For example, a projectile to the eye not only damages the eye but potentially the ligaments and muscles that move it, and in some cases the brain. Furthermore, lacerations to the face can damage muscle tissue and leave life-long scars. Always make sure PPE is properly rated for the job, fits properly, and doesn’t obstruct your view. Causes of Eye and Face Injuries: Ø Splashes from harmful liquid chemicals such as acids or cleaning solutions Ø Flying debris, chips, and dust from grinding and windy conditions Ø Flying projectiles from objects colliding, falling or being dumped Ø Loose straps, cords or banding that breaks or snaps under extreme tension Ø Extreme heat and light radiation from exposure to flames, welding or torches Types of Personal Protective Equipment Ø Safety Goggles Safety Glasses with Side Shields, Prescription Safety Glasses, Weld Masks, Dark Shields, and Torch Glasses Face Shields: Whatever you are doing make sure you have the appropriate eye protection for the task.

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