Reportable incident! You must report serious injuries or incidents to OHS as soon as possible if it:
  • results in a death
  • results in a worker being admitted to hospital
  • involves an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood that causes or may cause a serious injury
  • involves the collapse or upset of a crane, derrick or hoist
  • involves the collapse or failure of any component of a building or structure
  • involves an incident listed in section 40(3) of the OHS Act at a mine
Needed info When you contact OHS to report an incident or injury, be prepared to provide:
  • general descriptions of what happened
  • location of incident or injury
  • site contact's name, job title and phone number(s)
  • time and date of the incident or injury
  • name of employer
  • employer's relationship to the work site (owner, prime contractor, contractor or supplier)
  • injured worker's name, date of birth and job title (if applicable)
  • name and location of hospital the worker was taken to (if applicable)

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