Near-miss reporting is one way to achieve a positive safety culture. A near-miss is any unplanned event on a job that did not result in an injury or loss but had the potential to do so… It really comes down to inches or seconds. Near-miss events happen nearly every day, and employees should feel empowered to report them to management. When a near-miss event occurs, it should be treated the same as a recordable injury or property damage, meaning that it deserves a thorough investigation to identify the primary causal factors, no matter how minor. As a result of thorough near-miss event investigations, organizations can develop effective corrective actions through the implementation of new policies and procedures to prevent similar events from happening again. For a reporting culture to be successful, workers have to feel comfortable admitting near-misses. They have to know they are not going to be punished if they come forward with a report. The decision to move to a reporting culture should not be made by one supervisor or department. That kind of transparency must be one of the organization’s guiding and core values.

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