Safety Program Affordability Don’t trust anyone who says that a safety program is not affordable. Especially in smaller companies. Don’t Be Shortsighted Some companies still cut back on safety because it’s considered too expensive. New PPE might not be in the budget, or there could be too much happening at work to stop production and squeeze in safety training. But that’s shortsighted. An accident can have much steeper costs, and a smaller company might have an even harder time recovering from the damage. The true cost of safety is something you can only quantify after you learn how much non-safety items affect the bottom line. You’ll incur expenses with practically every safety program, even if it’s just the time invested in development and training. But when that program reduces non-safety costs, you’ll likely come out ahead in many different ways, both direct and indirect, and both tangible and intangible. Spending a bit of money today to save a lot of money in the future makes sense for your business and the safety of your workers.

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