Build Trust Step one to developing any relationship is to build trust between the work parties. Employees should feel that they can go to their supervisor if an incident occurs or if they see something that may be a safety hazard. Encouraging them to inform a supervisor in either of these cases is a vital part of having a successful safety culture. For instance, if the employees do not feel comfortable reporting a near miss, this mishap may be repeated in the future and turn into a more serious occurrence later on. Does your company support open communication on hazards, or suggestions for improvement in the workplace? Does your supervisor get back to you with answers or just brush it off? Provide Training Providing proper training either by a third party trainer in-house training programmes provides employees with safety tools and resources needed to complete there job safety and efficiently. They enable employees to correctly identify a potential safety hazard and know what the next step in preventing further danger is. When training is lacking from a company, it is more likely problems will arise. Remember, world-class team,s are dedicated to continuous learning.

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