Provide Communication Channels It is important that employees know how to report safety issues openly and effectively. they should know exactly who they are to inform about a concern. Wither it is one of the tools in your safety programme, toolbox talks, safety meetings, Behaviours based safety programs, or an open door policy.  After the concern is expressed, the employee should feel confident that it will be handled in a positive and complete manner, making sure to investigate the entire issue.  Lead by Example Culture is your company image to others around you and is a commitment that should be taken on by the entire team. The elements of culture tend to have a trickle-down effect. This means that employees will gauge their goals and how they handle situations at work on how their supervisors do. If an employee’s supervisor fails to correct a reported hazard, it is likely that the employee will not be concerned with reporting hazards anymore because no action is taken to resolve the issue. If a supervisor doesn’t have personal accountability how can the expect a worker too? Creating a true and complete safety culture means going beyond the programs and policies with meaningful actions.

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