Any good coach knows all the rules and all the players and has a plan to get the team moving forward. A well-planned job will have the same effect, a crew that pulls together to safely accomplish whatever has to be done. Teamwork, planning and safety training go a long way in having a safe work environment. Know your limits, ask for help, take as much training as the company offers, and look out for the other person. If you do all of the above, you know that your job will be safer for you and your co-workers. As a supervisor or an employee, you have a responsibility to prevent accidents. Safety is a cooperative undertaking requiring a total safety consciousness on the part of every employee. No one likes to see someone injured, but if an accident occurs, in addition to treating the victim, prompt reporting must take place and corrective action is taken to prevent additional problems. Proper planning, a good safety program, the right tools, and communication combine to prevent accidents.

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