Winter driving – Get your vehicle ready Get your vehicle ready for winter Winter weather is hard on your vehicle and its engine. Prepare for winter in the fall, by getting a complete check-up of your: Battery Your motor needs a fully charged battery to start in cold weather. Clean battery posts and check the charging system and belts. Have your battery tested in the fall and spring. Replace weak batteries before they fail. Ignition system Replace defective ignition wires, cracked distributor caps, and worn spark plugs, since they can make starting difficult or may cause a sudden breakdown. Lights Make sure that all lights work and that headlights are properly aimed. Brakes Check or service your brakes to ensure even braking. Pulling, change in pedal feel, or unusual squealing or grinding may mean they need repair. Tires Check pressures often, especially before any highway driving. Properly inflated, high-quality winter tires will give you best traction on winter roads and increase fuel efficiency. Exhaust system Check for leaks that could send deadly carbon monoxide into your vehicle. Heating and cooling system Check your radiator hoses and drive belts for cracks and leaks. Make sure the radiator cap, water pump, and thermostat work properly. Test the strength and level of the coolant/anti-freeze, and make sure the heater and defroster work well. Windshield wipers Make sure that your wipers are in good condition. Replace blades that streak. Purchase wipers designed for winter use. Fill up on winter washer fluid in the -40°C temperature range and carry an extra jug in your vehicle

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